We will be a company that creates the future with the world's best technology.

Technology Development & Support

Securing high value-added cutting-edge technologies, SAE-AN has been making company-wide efforts.   SAE-AN is trying to raise the technical level of its engineering capability by technical collaboration agreements with the excellent foreign companies in terms of technological expertise, as well as through incessant in-house development activities.

Technology Development

SAE-AN is making its best efforts and investment in R&D in order to strengthen its international competitiveness through improvement and differentiation. SAE-AN also has a team of highly qualified engineers to carry out technology development activities based on mid and long-term development plans with the aim to become the ‘Worldwide Power Plants Engineering provider’ The R&D Institute is creating advanced, specialized technologies that predict the life cycles of facilities and prevent the failure of the test through accepting the newly developed technologies, developing special techniques, and diagnosing and analyzing facilities. The institute is also developing new technologies and specialized equipment capable of applying such techniques and technologies to the facilities.

NO. Description client period remarks
1 Development of forced circulation drying device of commercial rare gases for transport and storage of nuclear-spent fuel MOTIE Aug.2016~May.2018  
2 Development of the real-time leak and vibration monitoring system by using camera MOTIE Dec.2013~Sep.2016  
3 Improvement of diagnostic reliability for nuclear equipment and development of integrated state-based standard for maintenance technology MOTIE Jul.2011~Jun.2016  

*MOTIE: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy