About SAE-AN

We will be a company that creates the future with the world's best technology.

Message from CEO

SAE-AN Engineering Corporation (SAE-AN) was founded in February 1997 to participate in the inspection and maintenance services market of nuclear power plants in Korea.

SAE-AN is providing Nuclear Power Engineering Services such as PSI (Pre-Service Inspection) and ISI (In-Service Inspection) Services for the major Components, Systems including the Reactor Pressure Vessel and, Steam Generator Tube Sheets, Lancing and FOSAR, Cleaning Wastewater Treatment.

Nuclear Power Engineering Services should be done by the competent company which has a well-organized system, and highly qualified personnel in view of the importance and the role of the Nuclear Power Engineering Services in relation to RAM (Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability) and safety.

Since SAE-AN established in 1997, to keep society safely like its meaning of name SAE-AN, it has been devoting its effort to make nuclear power safer. Meanwhile, it has been accumulating a lot of experience and know-how in connection with Nuclear Power and has been achieved remarkable progress in the Nuclear Power Engineering market in the Republic of Korea.

Based on the experience of over two decades, SAE-AN is planning and trying its best to be a Total Engineering Company in the Nuclear Power Industry of Korea and the World.

Please feel free to contact us for any needs of Nuclear Power Engineering Services.

Very truly yours.